Toy Train How-To's

As I have time, or they come my way, wiring diagrams, manuals and other helpful tidbits for toy train junkies like me.

Cleaning Trains

by Clem Clement

Hines Lines

Blueprints & Images

Phasing Transformers

Courtesy Peter Riddle & Joe Pallone

Repairing the Lionel 342 Culvert Loader

Courtesy of Lyle Leverich

Rewinding an Armature

Courtesy of Carl Blum

Super-O Elevated Line

Notes & Diagrams on construction...

Toy Train Scales & Gauges

Transformer Load & Power Consumption Chart

Wiring Diagram for Lionel 450 Signal Bridge

Wiring Diagram for Lionel RCS Remote Control

Wiring Diagram for Block Control (Signal & Train Stop)

Wiring Diagram for Crossover (Signals & Automatic Train Stop)