The Three Musketeers

a musical adventure

Book & Lyrics by Clint Jefferies, Music by Paul L. Johnson
Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas

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"The Three Musketeers," a new musical adaptation of the classic Dumas novel, is an exciting adventure with more than a few plot twists. The definite star of the show is the daring D'Artagnan who endears himself to the audience from his first song to his last. How we get from one to the other is the intricate work of Clint Jefferies' book intermixed with his beautiful lyrics..."

--Jeanette Toomer, Backstage

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--Mario Fratti, Oggi, The Italian Language Daily

"I can’t say enough good things about The Three Musketeers... Jefferies’s book and lyrics show a thorough respect for Dumas’s original... The score matches the book in intelligence... Uniformly excellent material... The show-stopping number at the end of the first act involving the whole cast will blow you away. If Jefferies and Johnson create more musicals like this, it may make a convert out of this inveterate musical-hater."

--Stewart Travis,

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"A lush musical score and epic storyline... Packed with complex music and a multitude of characters, it's an adventurous undertaking for the small Wings Theatre but they do it with bravado... just like the musketeers would want it."

--Ronit Feldman,

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"Clint Jeffries, who wrote the book and lyrics, and Paul L. Johnson who wrote the music are the two bold souls who undertook the massive mission. And, it is satisfying to report, their efforts are pleasantly successful... Director Jeffery Corrick does a remarkable job... Johnson is a master..."

--Gene Kilik, Town and Village

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"A doozy of a musical!... The Three Musketeers is a spirited, tuneful, old-fashioned musical to warm the coldest of hearts. Clint Jefferies' book stays faithful to the Dumas classic... As D'Artagnan sings to us of 'Adventure' in the opening number, the adventures that lie ahead for this strapping youth truly turn out to be worth singing about."

--Ricky Spears, InTheater Magazine

"Jefferies has captured the spirit of the time, the mood is well sustained, especially in the lyrics and the excellent music by Paul L. Johnson. If you're a fan of historical fiction, The Three Musketeers will be right down your alley."

--Paul D. Oliver, Michael's Thing

"Paul L. Johnson's melodic score is in the tradition of the old-fashioned Broadway musical, and Clint Jefferies' book and lyrics are faithful to the original novel while adding some wit of their own. The show moves from Paris to England and back again swiftly and economically, creating a tapestry of life in 1625."

Victor Gluck, Backstage

"Clint Jefferies's adaptation of The Three Musketeers is true to the original -- a rollicking adventure story full of heroism and romance... adapter Jefferies does a good job of explicating the twists and turns of the plot... The songs had masculine vitality, with accessible lyrics and muscular music, but not to the exclusion of songs of love and reflection. A few standouts were the beautiful counterpoint of the quartet “Don’t Speak of Love” and the lovely duet “I Loved Her...”

--John Chatterton, OOBR

With a lush, classical score, and a book true to the 19th century novel in both plot and style, The Three Musketeers is an epic romance of grand passions and sweeping emotion. It's all here: swashbuckling swordplay, dashing heroics, abject villainy and a love that transcends kingdoms, wars, vows and even death. This is the story of a young man finding his place in the world -- searching for meaning in life. And from the electric opening to the heartbreaking finale, The Three Musketeers is truly a musical adventure.

D'Artagnan, a brash, impetuous youth from the provinces, sets out for Paris to seek his fortune. His fiery temper and ready sword soon find him three inseparable companions, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, the Three Musketeers. It is their adventures and trials, the struggles with the brilliant Cardinal Richelieu and the deadly Milady de Winter, the glory, disappointment, heartbreak, love and death that make a headstrong young man into a true Musketeer.

The Three Musketeers was first produced, and later revived by the Wings Theatre Company, NYC. It was produced in Nashville, TN by The Larry Keeton Theatre.

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