Odyssey '75

a nostalgic comedy by Clint Jefferies

"A nostalgic coming-of-age tale about a time when life was forever and sex was free. Clearly this was before my time, but I can still be nostalgic right along with it..."

--NEXT Magazine

"The feel good seventies abound in Odyssey '75 where, fortunately for us, playwright Clint Jefferies gives us a day in the sun. This delicious tale, unfolds around two college age guys and a girl from the Midwest who seem ripe for trying everything. Often hilarious and certainly unpredictable, a thoroughly enjoyable trip down memory lane is to be had by even Generation Xers."


It's Southern California in 1975, a time when pot and poppers, sex and sun, lemon meringue and ménage a trois could all be relished with the same sort of innocent, uninhibited abandon -- an era before crack cocaine and AIDS ended the party for good. Odyssey '75 is a warm, nostalgic look back at those lovely, bygone days as seen through the foibles of three teenagers fresh from the Midwest -- one straight, one gay, one not so sure. They frolic through discos and drugs, swinging singles, nude beaches and gay baths on the way to finding the things that are really important. And to the strains of Lady Marmalade, they boogie the night away as if the ‘70’s will never end. (5M/2F)

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