Classic Model Corp

(Courtesy of Arno Baars)

The company Classic Model Corp started in 1969 by Fred Mill and Jerry Williams, offering their "Standard Lines" brand of trains with an #12 0-4-0 steamer and a set of 11-window passenger cars. Soon thereafter, the loco was fitted with a pilot truck and tender. This 2-4-0 is the #21.

Jerry Williams left to pursue his reproduction line of trains. The next offering from CMC was a group of freight cars; #101 box car, #100 log car and #105 caboose. From this cabooses body came the 2-4-2 Milwaukee Road box cab loco. It was fitted with different ends but used the same body. It was offered with a set of closed-vestibule passenger cars. It was also available as a PRR model.

The next big item for CMC was the 2-6-0 Mogul in 1975. This is seen the most as the 2-tone blue #200 Bicentennial Special. It was also offered as the the #89 Strasburg Railway loco & tender. Passenger car were also revamped from the 11-window versions to 6-arch top windows. A few more freights were also introduced around this time and the big 10-wheeler debuted so after. This 4-6-0 #1108 is a nice looking loco of free-lance design. It is similar to the Mogul, and was offered in the green Southern Railway or black Southern Pacific liveries.

Fred sold the company in 1978 to Charles Wood (the paint guy) and it was then renamed Classic Model Trains. That's another posting. This would conclude the CMC era of Standard Lines trains and this is only a fragment of their history.